It all started when...

Black Box Education started after a conversation amongst drama teachers about the lack  of visually engaging, contemporary and current resources that can be utilized and displayed in the drama and performing arts learning environment.

We set out on a mission to collaborate with leading professionals in the field of drama education and design to develop and create a range of resources that can enhance the development of teaching and learning in drama education and the performing arts.

Our first collection of resources are here for you.

Explore. Engage. Enrich.  


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liam greenall

founder and creative director of black box education

As professional practitioners we understand that good design creates value. We work with industry-leading programmers, printers and manufacturers to bring you premium quality materials that have longevity, durability and cutting edge visuals. 

We are an enterprise that is driven by innovation and teacher insight. We have worked in education, on a global context, for over a decade and with that experience we aim to develop new resources and ideas that will pioneer the approaches to teaching and learning in drama and performing arts education. 

We have seen how our resources can effectively differentiate one learning environment from another. As a new company we understand that we are growing and with that we need to be open to change and adaptability, so that is why it is important for us to build meaningful relationships with you - drama teachers across the globe! 

We already know what amazing jobs you are doing and what the subject gives and brings to learners and potential leaders of the future. We want to assist you in making what you do be the best that it can be. 

We have big ambitions for the future of drama education and we can't wait to develop and share them with you and your learners. 

Best wishes,

Liam Greenall